22&brand new.

loss before gain. i’m guessing. 

you must destroy to rebuild. that’s what everyone speaks of. 

my heart is near barren, encapsulated in tougher than steel. 

i don’t even recall my last post here. my last projects i’ve tried with are rough recollections. i had to flee – hurt took me away from all duties as well as pleasures. i have been without.

i have been without my belongings, my home and home goods. the very comfort of personal space was yanked from me. my world, already a terror, turned upside down and left there, no escaping. more misfortune. chaos ensued. i’ve been harmed, my wounds are keloid over yet still fresh. how?

everywhere i turn is just more. i do not care for my wants or wellbeing as i should. i do not breathe our air the same way i once inhaled. my heart is warm, i do not know if my blood is still. 

life shapes you. 

recent experiences have made me wise, wiser than i believe. wisdom is after pain. 

i am forever a Lover. but who does a Lover become with no love? no love. no support. no pleasure?

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