Acrylic Addictions 



You will never catch me without a set. I speak with my hands, what kind of bitch would I be not to have my shit done on the usual?

Let me break down my particulars.

Walking into a new nail shop, I request a a narrow square clear tip acrylic set. Nothing special really, perhaps even a touch outdated. I had my moment of following nail trends but I’ve abandoned them completely, I know what I like. I have a home nail shop, a stereotypical LA shop, nothing special, ‘just’ home. 🙂 I typically stay real regular with colors due to length but lately I’ve been wilding. It’s going to get wilder (read: tackier) way before it gets more tame.

I love my nails 🙂 Since I love them so, I make sure I care for my nails under the toxicity of acrylic.


– Request a light drill or no drilling to my nail beds as to reduce nail breakdown & future sensitivity. Electing to skip on drills completely will shorten your wear / make nails easier to break.

– Stretch my fills. I refuse to cut up my cuticles, and less shop trips means more savings. Plus, a nail color change (~$5) a week & a half in can maintain your cute inbetween time.

– Clean my nails specifically. Longer your nail, the more prone to debris & discoloration. Gotta stay proper. I wash my hands often, and separately soap up the undercarriage of my nail to stay bright & smooth.

– Let my nails grow. I don’t do completely new sets often, I let my nail length continue with the acrylic, to the point the tips are grown out. The length of my nail provides foundation to the acrylic without tips. Plus, I can remove the acrylic & wear my very own as I please (though it’ll never happen!).

– Stay on my biotin intake so as they grow, they’re strong enough for a nice beating ;). Hard with no sensitivity, no splitting or folding, minimal peeling and denting.

My natural nails will never look their best while I continue to get acrylic sets. Though they’re not as healthy as they could be, my nails are better off than anyone I know who wears acrylics. An acrylic set application is a damaging process by default. Drills, bonding liquids, acrylic powder, files, etc. Do not believe anyone who speaks other wise, I don’t care if they’re a nail technician or if they get $200 fills.

For ideal removal, I would soak in acrylic, file off & repeat. Softening the acrylic and gently filing or drilling is so much safer than breaking or pulling them off. In reality I yank these hoes off as needed. I never pull or break off painful nails. Natural lift has already started to occur when I remove a complete set thus not directly damaging my nail bed. Not every nail is ready to go at once, so those get corner clipped and brought off. This results in peeling off the top layer of your nail, definitely damaging and proves very harmful if done constantly)

Here’s some eye candy (and a touch of horror) for the drop.

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Silk 101 – Lactic Acid Lotion


I have a great skin ‘secret’. Perfect for ingrown bumps, hyper-pigmentation, spot scarring, keratosis pilaris, rough skin, calluses, sebaceous filaments and more. Everything you need is  extremely affordable and it’s an easy DIY.

I suffer from hyper-pigmentation like many others. Homemade lactic acid lotion is my lifesaver product for 95% skin problems I come across. It’s easy to make, easy on my skin with an easy price.

How-to & results under the jump.

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