Life is a constant responsibility, without proper direction it can feel redundant or unfulfilling. It’s awfully easy to get caught up in doing whatever the fuck you want to, disregarding needs or obligations. Goals, regardless of the type, fuel your productivity and your motivation.  Goals are the absolute root to success. Form a goal for every successes you desire.

If you already have a feel for what you’d love to live for, run to it. If you’re feeling unsure, make a goal to find out. Discover your hobbies and your strengths. Dabble.

Enter things with an open mind. Start as broad or as crazy as you like, and narrow items as you please. Be responsible. You should want the best for yourself, try not to let opportunity pass you by. Keep those close to your heart in mind when making serious choices, but ultimately life is for yourself.

Educational – Learn something new, traditional or non. 
Financial – Find security. Treat yourself.
Career – Grind. Make yourself your best at what you do. 
Attitude – Identify habits or personality traits you’d like to change or alter.
Relationships – Improve those withstanding ones. Start healthy ones. 
Creative – Explore your free side. Ease up.
Physical – Small tweaks that you’d like to see.
Personal – As dense, as silly or as selfish as you desire. 
Other – Whatever you’d like. 

Self goals are only concrete as you would want. You grow with age, as do your wants and interests. Play and pander but be aware of the utility of your time. Time and energy work together golden. Hold yourself accountable. Don’t throw away progression unless you’re sure.

Everything should have a due date. You have to find your personal sweet spot between realistic and aggressive. If things are too flexible it’s not likely to get done to its highest quality, too aggressive of a timeline can end up trigger anxiety. Goals can call for an exact date, a season, an age, etc. Having items you can afford to procrastinate on is priceless. This balances out your larger responsibilities and lowers your stress. You need a dime for every key 😉

Having plans is relatively easy, difficulties lay with the actual executing. It’s extremely easy to be come overwhelmed or discouraged. Pace yourself, baby steps! Never be afraid to step back and gather. Your journey is yours: do with your time as you like, but stay true to your capabilities. Achievements are uplifting, why cheat yourself?

Start confident and maintain your outlook. You’ve blossomed thus far, despite all the failures you’ve experienced and all the L’s you’ve taken. Don’t let negative outcomes shouldn’t deter you for long. Every blockade has a work around the when you’re dedicated.
Keep long-term life in mind. I encourage any & everyone to explore the options available to them. You owe it yourself.

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  1. Sharonn April 16, 2016

    Right at a time where I needed this most. I fall deep into my depressive episodes and completely forget/let go of my own goals & interests. Thanks 🙂

    • lauren April 19, 2016

      you’re welcome love. take things a day at a time.

  2. Christina April 26, 2016

    I’m 19 years old and I’m currently taking online classes for college (graphic design major) and working part-time as a sales associate and lately I feel that i can do even more as far as my job is concerned. Reading this really was a wake up call for me because I felt that I haven’t really accomplished anything and I’m not as focus as I should be, so I’m setting some goals for myself right now.
    Thank you for this post.

    • lauren May 2, 2016

      you’re so welcome love. stay focused and grow, it’s worth the effort.


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