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I thought I was seasoned for summer excitement, rather i’m taking it as a time of luxury. It’s a much better alternative, imo. I’ve been keeping to myself lately, plotting and pampering. I deserved a time with loose obligations, so I served it to myself.

I needed a imaginative intermission, & chile, I received it indeed. My mind has went everywhere in the best way. My personal & creative goals are coming together quite nicely❤️. I’ve learned to relax and let shit happen. Applying a corporate-like grind to non career happenings just leaves me frustrated and tired. Two things I absolutely don’t deal with.

Moving & grinding so fast creates that Taz-effect I’m so very used to. My usually pristine organization was less than ideal in the last couple months so I’m ironing it all out. Nitty gritty commitments on the sly.
I’ve exerted loads of pressure onto myself, and just recently I’ve realized I can relieve that stress as quick as I bat my eyelashes. I’m recognizing the amount of invisible obligations I’ve held myself to. It’s cute to me, really. It’s much crazier to see my patterns change. Loving that concept.

Now I’ve eased up, I’m glowing. Since I’ve stepped back and sat my ass down momentarily I have:

  • Revised my long term business plan & highlighted places of improvement
  • Decided on new ventures for my boutique.
  • Bought a new laptop & new phone (I hate selfies now – camera next)
  • Rough drafted my chapbook.

Look out for my summer guide, my advice videos and some dedicated writing pieces.

That’s all I want to touch on for now 😘. I’ll be dipping in and off of the Internet for the rest of the week, catching up. If you see me say hi :).

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  1. Sharonn August 4, 2016

    Seems like you’re doing big things. I’m so excited and happy for you!


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