April has been a road driven by my creativity & my hunger. I’ve learned a plethora of timeless lessons. I’ve been young-fun-wildin to a degree I never have before. I’ve experienced trauma & pain I had no control over. I’ll never forget the moments I’m experiencing now.

My growing pains are overwhelming. I’m in a constant state of change, doused in curiosity with a youthful hint of naivety. Luckily my maturity has kept me fast on the right track, all while my heart sorts the conflicting emotions I experience. I embrace change but I refuse to be freely uncomfortable. Point blank forever.

That said.

There’s so much power in refining and bettering. I must be glowing I’m living life to my personal maximum, within my own comfort zone. I’m doing shit MY way, thoroughly, unapologetically & as loving as humanly possible.

Everything I’m experiencing is full throttle passionate. My heart are passionate. My drive is passionate. My recent hard-falls were overwhelmingly passionate. How could I fault the universe for giving me it’s top tier? I’m an amazing place that I wouldn’t replace for shit.

I’m stressed out my mind, but I’m excited, I’m hungry for life. My appetite has went to shit plus some. My pretty 10/11 hours nightly has depleted to 30 hour days and other type shit I don’t fuck with. My brain is pumping far more noradrenaline than it is melatonin. My senses & intuition are so extremely sensitive, I read new situations and new people for their worth at a seconds notice. I’m reevaluating and re-prioritizing every relationship I hold. It’s a lot.

I find strength in ploughing through as much as I can, alone. Alone I work but alone I am never. I get weak, I fall and I am lifted higher. Every wound I endure heals more robust. Life wouldn’t feel so enjoyable to me without my trials and tribulations. Without my negative experiences, I wouldn’t be the woman before you.

Next step. Next week, next Monday, I’ll be launching my own lil’ boutique. It’s mini, it’s intimate, it’s sexy, it’s cute. It’s me for you. May 9th @ 6:00pm PST.

Stay Juicy,

mood: Big Momma Thing – Lil Kim


  1. Noelle May 2, 2016

    You are amazing. I love your writing and admire your talents. Cant wait to see your mini boutique <3 im inspired

    • lauren May 9, 2016

      thank you! i hope you love it & i hope i can continue to inspire you.


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