Envision Desires, Physically.



Do you ever day dream your future? Imagine any and every thing you would like to have or achieve. These thoughts should be kept and revisited. That’s what we finna do.

Make a vision board. An actual piece.

Vision boards withhold energy. The positive energy you use to craft your wishful thinking is maintained in your finished product. You have to want before you achieve, the vision you hold is the first step, give it some power.

The tangibility of a physical board gives dreams an edge. You want these things to eventually materialize, give them a foundation to do so.

All you need:

  • Construction Paper/Poster/Board
  • Photos, Magazines, Newspapers etc
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Miscellaneous Art Supplies
  • Dreams ❤️

You’re ready to fabricate.

It’s just a collage of things you truly want, long term (>1year). Content is completely up to you. It can be as specific or as broad as you like. No goal list needed, though you can use yours, it’s more fun when it’s random.This collage works as a reminder and as a target. It refreshes your memory whenever your motivation may sway, and it works as a target to place your energy into what you want.

It’s important to be in a positive, inspired mood when making your board. Play out whatever vibe makes you feel best. Maybe you’re fresh out the shower, newly exfoliated, perhaps you’re curled up with your favorite snack. Put on your favorite feel good music or some inspirational audio. It’s a fun activity.

You can be as much as a wishful thinker as you would like to be, but be mindful of reality. You want everything on your board to come to life but don’t forget about your baby steps. Smaller accomplishments fuel larger goals, and it feels great to know you can check a dream off your to do list.

After your board is finished, decide on the location for the best fit. Your vision board should be in your sight. Think of places you can view your board passively; Perhaps an office desk, makeup vanity, bedroom wall, bathroom mirror, favorite notebook etc. I placed mine on my closet door, I face it when I wake and when I fall asleep.

Halfway into my board, I realized the majority of my wants were words rather than images. I’m not a materialistic woman, so it makes sense that my board would be made of ideas and concepts rather than actual items I want. Even the car pictured is a symbol, I don’t want a damn Benz but I do want a new truck 🙂 In hindsight, I’m surprised I didn’t plaster the whole board with marriage, pregnancy and millions of dollars. Lmao, that tells you where my precious lil’ heart is.

Constructing mine really brought be back to my youth. Also, fuck glue, glue sticks and other glue like adhesive products. I got that shit everywhere, I felt like I was 5 with white flakes on every limb I own.

I’d love to see yours, post them or DM them to me on any platform you prefer. 🙂

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