Lover Season ?

I sent some of my E-girlfriends a valentine. I planned a date with my Mom, my sister, my best friend. I’m looking inward to find what I want in romantic love. 

Cupid’s day. I’ve always been a lover, any sort. Platonic and friendly my favorite, romantic my most coveted. I’ve been a single mami for almost two years, I wonder of my future forever sometime. Whom ever, he fleets my mind when I’m working, his silhouette travels back when I’m content or more. I do boos or pre-fianc├ęs, no boyfriends. The few few who come to mind never fit where I would like. They bad. The one who can hold my sight, I still never know. Actually I think I may. I let my intuition lead.

Dating within my generation, esp my region, a mess. Too many trival worries, too many old trust issues unfixed, too much peer pressure to entertain bullshit. No one can handle a casual relationship nor can they handle a monogamous one. Nigga. Lmao. Yet, I know most of us want better. The game is shit, be honest. Don’t mean I don’t know how to play, bay-bay. Don’t mean I want to, shaw-taay.

My heart is…not solidified with her feelings but that’s when I love her best. When in doubt, show love 2 my girls. 

Mood: Player’s Prayer – Lloyd

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