new bitch october.

i’m returning to a familiarity, ala, mamas’ back on her bullshit.

where i was, physically & mentally, was far from home but adjacent enough to keep me grounded. i am recovering from a complete rehaul. all my values have been tested under turbulence, bullshit flying out the window while my everything else spilled. no stains left, as i scurried behind to reorganize.

everything is in place now. i can zone and polish later. perfectionism adjusts here.

there was a hesitation, is this going to be what i’ve made to be? will i have to watch my anxiety paralyze me from the inside out all over?

coming to gauge my absence was short. nothing but a love letter at the top. my last affection and wonder before i served the ass end of my sentence. i find it fitting.

i don’t reread much of anything. i sent my words rough but so very gentle, express, then kept as is. i prefer it that way. authenticity cannot be matched here.

what will she be up to?

revamps and all that soon. may a good day be a fresh press and a new set.

i’m starting.

lauren. xx.

(i started a random thoughts tumblr while i was gone; holla & ill link you)

mood: Blow Ya Mind – TPain

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