Envision Desires, Physically.



Do you ever day dream your future? Imagine any and every thing you would like to have or achieve. These thoughts should be kept and revisited. That’s what we finna do.

Make a vision board. An actual piece.

Vision boards withhold energy. The positive energy you use to craft your wishful thinking is maintained in your finished product. You have to want before you achieve, the vision you hold is the first step, give it some power.

The tangibility of a physical board gives dreams an edge. You want these things to eventually materialize, give them a foundation to do so.

All you need:

  • Construction Paper/Poster/Board
  • Photos, Magazines, Newspapers etc
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Miscellaneous Art Supplies
  • Dreams ❤️

You’re ready to fabricate.

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******’s mine.


Though I know the solstice hasn’t hit, heat is always time for trouble. Summer is everything to me, it’s my absolute favorite time of year. I am the summer baby, baby. Don’t let my September birth throw you off. This is my last run as a babygirl, my last three months before I turn twenty-one. I feel in my heart 21 is a large age for me. I’m preparing myself for the shit I’m about to get into.

My summer?

Money. Glam. Lust. 

Point blank.

I’m self-employed on my own schedule, I have a thorough break from college life. For now, my time is unlimited, I want to focus on the last of me I need to get done. I’ve been so work focused, with no time to play. Silly girl. Luckily, the sunshine will parade & play along with me this time around. I have a chance to breathe and let my wild side free.

I’ve been focusing so very much on my education, my careers, my mindset, my mental confidence. I’m proud of how much I’ve learned about myself on my own. After taking my leap of faith and reaping the successes & difficulties, that chapter has been started. I’m ready for the vain segment of my glow up.

Grinding is fruitful, but it’s also consuming. In a few ways, I’ve been neglecting tangible things that make me happy. My hair has been wild, my clothes are starting to bore me, when’s the last time I bought some stilettos? Pitiful. I haven’t treated myself in a while, really in any capacity. That’s most definitely over now. Whatever I desire, I will indulge in. I’m worth everything I want, plus more.

I have visions of myself at my physical best, my grown & sexy with my hilarity and my charm. I have new taste I’d love to adhere to. I’m ready to polish littlems.vvs so she can shine bright before she go flawless. Summer is prime time for my act outs. Plus, on the new shit I’m on? Bitch, please. Be ready.

It’s literal thirst trap season. Recognize my game & stay on them toes lil bae.

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Acrylic Addictions 



You will never catch me without a set. I speak with my hands, what kind of bitch would I be not to have my shit done on the usual?

Let me break down my particulars.

Walking into a new nail shop, I request a a narrow square clear tip acrylic set. Nothing special really, perhaps even a touch outdated. I had my moment of following nail trends but I’ve abandoned them completely, I know what I like. I have a home nail shop, a stereotypical LA shop, nothing special, ‘just’ home. 🙂 I typically stay real regular with colors due to length but lately I’ve been wilding. It’s going to get wilder (read: tackier) way before it gets more tame.

I love my nails 🙂 Since I love them so, I make sure I care for my nails under the toxicity of acrylic.


– Request a light drill or no drilling to my nail beds as to reduce nail breakdown & future sensitivity. Electing to skip on drills completely will shorten your wear / make nails easier to break.

– Stretch my fills. I refuse to cut up my cuticles, and less shop trips means more savings. Plus, a nail color change (~$5) a week & a half in can maintain your cute inbetween time.

– Clean my nails specifically. Longer your nail, the more prone to debris & discoloration. Gotta stay proper. I wash my hands often, and separately soap up the undercarriage of my nail to stay bright & smooth.

– Let my nails grow. I don’t do completely new sets often, I let my nail length continue with the acrylic, to the point the tips are grown out. The length of my nail provides foundation to the acrylic without tips. Plus, I can remove the acrylic & wear my very own as I please (though it’ll never happen!).

– Stay on my biotin intake so as they grow, they’re strong enough for a nice beating ;). Hard with no sensitivity, no splitting or folding, minimal peeling and denting.

My natural nails will never look their best while I continue to get acrylic sets. Though they’re not as healthy as they could be, my nails are better off than anyone I know who wears acrylics. An acrylic set application is a damaging process by default. Drills, bonding liquids, acrylic powder, files, etc. Do not believe anyone who speaks other wise, I don’t care if they’re a nail technician or if they get $200 fills.

For ideal removal, I would soak in acrylic, file off & repeat. Softening the acrylic and gently filing or drilling is so much safer than breaking or pulling them off. In reality I yank these hoes off as needed. I never pull or break off painful nails. Natural lift has already started to occur when I remove a complete set thus not directly damaging my nail bed. Not every nail is ready to go at once, so those get corner clipped and brought off. This results in peeling off the top layer of your nail, definitely damaging and proves very harmful if done constantly)

Here’s some eye candy (and a touch of horror) for the drop.

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times are sour with flirts of pleasure. i’ll manage through, though discipline is definitely no sweeter. ick !!


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Sleeping Beauty x Nudity

I love sleep, I love sleeping, I love being sleep. Simple. It’s a break, it’s a recharge. It’s a top five necessity that I view as a luxury. I’m the chick who returns your call a quarter after noon, still moaning and stretching but alert as ever. Plus, I still stay about my money. Be jealous.Sleep is extremely personal. No two people experience rest or comfort the same way. I believe I sleep well because my sleep is planned beforehand.

Good sleep requires forethought.

Ask yourself:

  • What’s your favorite unwind?
  • Do you crave anything when you’re sleepy?
  • What do you constantly forget before bed?
  • How do you counteract restlessness?
  • Who or what soothes you?
  • How do you like to be awakened?

Consider your:

  • Patterns
  • Surroundings
  • Bedding
  • Health
  • Hygiene
  • Mood / Mental state
  • Sensations / Sensory feelings
  • Likes / Dislikes

Set a sleep regimen. 

Under the assumption of an average, healthy day, I sleep approximately 9-12 hours. If left to my own devices, I can sleep ten straight a night. Part time, I’m an infamous napper – if I’m completely out of contact I very well may be sleep. I am medically tried and true – there’s no reason I sleep that much other than my body says I need to.

My bedroom is adapted for sleep. My bedroom walls are a signature deep hot pink, now associated with a plethora of my antics. They play a dual role in my sleep setting alongside my window treatment selection. Blackout curtains are an absolute must have. I can sleep well into the morning, not to be interrupted by sunlight. Sunlight plays a significant role in our sleep-wake cycle, calling your body to arise when the sun does. I do not conform, so I adapt. Fuck mornings. I will milk afternoon arisings as long as my life can work around a PM schedule. I cry for the day it changes.

Before going to bed I visit my bathroom. I undress, I bathe, I dental care & I exit. iSleepy. Sleepy me favors no responsibilities. I’m prone to overlook, forget or completely neglect anything more than hygiene.

I keep these right at my nightstand as means of convenience. Mostly everything is travel sized and stored in a cubby for immediate use.

  • Contact case
  • Glasses
  • Makeup wipes
  • Birth control and supplements
  • Water
  • Snacks (say something!)
  • Lip Balm
  • Scarf

I almost purely sleep naked, I always have and I will as long as I feasibly can. It’s out of physical and mental comfort. My most natural state is nude, and my sleep calls for that nature. It’s amazing for vaginal health and body confidence. Otherwise, I may dress for occasion or for weather.

I rarely need a wind down. My mood is set, my items are bedside, I’m made. I may revisit my social media outlets before starting my daily journal if I haven’t already. Otherwise, I pray, charge my phones, cozy up & knock. Issues rarely arise, but they can be rough. I deal with restlessness/inability to sleep by directly assessing the issue while staying stern.

What’s the cause?
What can I do about it?
When I’ma really take my ass to sleep? 

If it’s excitement, I’ll imagine the situation in its most perfect form, accept it as law, then dream of the outcome.

If it’s an unfinished task or a feeling of incompleteness, I will up and continue when feasible.

If it’s stress, I allow time for worry and thought play, but I’ll cut the shit, end neutrally or positively and go to bed.

If it’s boredom, I’ll entertain entertainment but turn myself in at the first reminder of sleepiness.

Customization makes it desirable. Preparation makes it constant. Discipline solidifies it all.

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April has been a road driven by my creativity & my hunger. I’ve learned a plethora of timeless lessons. I’ve been young-fun-wildin to a degree I never have before. I’ve experienced trauma & pain I had no control over. I’ll never forget the moments I’m experiencing now.

My growing pains are overwhelming. I’m in a constant state of change, doused in curiosity with a youthful hint of naivety. Luckily my maturity has kept me fast on the right track, all while my heart sorts the conflicting emotions I experience. I embrace change but I refuse to be freely uncomfortable. Point blank forever.

That said.

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Nutritional Gappage

I have yet to make the conscious decision to eat an evenly planned, nutritious diet everyday. My young prerogative, but I refuse to be unhealthy. A part of counteracting my lifestyle is making an effort to stay as nutritious as possible. I use supplements to supplement my eating habits as my body needs. I do not use them to replace the natural nutrition food provides.

Once yearly, at the same time as my physical exam, I visit my nutritionist to review my health. I run every vitamin, mineral and herb pass my doctor. If you can visit your doctor without issue, please ask them about any supplements in mind. Your doctor will also recommend vitamins to you based on your lab work & any desired change you may have.

Vitamins can be fat or water soluble. Water soluble vitamins can be taken in any excess, just to be excreted out via urine. Fat soluble vitamins are stored in fat cells, only to be released into your bloodstream as needed. Due to their storage, fat soluble vitamins can lead to problems, even toxicity. Do not exceed the 100% daily value via fat soluble supplements unless directed by a medical professional.

  • Powder & chew-able vitamins are an option for those who experience nausea or anxiety from pills.
  • Gummy vitamins may introduce extra sugars and caffeine into your diet.
  • Research each supplement brand, vitamins are poorly regulated and can be of poor quality.
  • Consider the effects of each and every vitamin in a multivitamin.
  • Supplement blends can be expensive and wasteful. Read and research the nutrition label as it may lead you to a substitute combination, saving you time and money.
  • Check how many pills are in a dosage. Taking several pills daily may persuade you off of your routine.
  • Remind yourself, place your supplements where you can see them and set a reminder if needed.

I take:

Biotin | 3,000-5,000mcg daily 

I’ve only started taking biotin regularly for the past six or so weeks. My nails saw immediate effects, stronger underneath my acrylics with a healthier appearance. My hair typically grows a sliver less than an inch per month. I have only seen a slight improvement in hair growth but my new-growth has strengthened and became more coarse. The myth is partially true for me, biotin crip walks on my face something serious. Luckily for me, my birth control pills alone counteract the skin side effects that come with biotin. I only see less than spectacular skin a few days a month, when I’m menstruating and not taking my pill. I will continue biotin for another month, if my hair growth does not improve I will cease.

Glucosamine Sulfate | 200 mg daily 

I swear I have joints past their mid life crisis, they have given me pain and even injury since I was in high school. My back, wrist knees can ache relatively often, especially during less than warm weather. Glucosamine minimizes my aching without me having to reach for any pain medicine. Its purpose is to support joint cartilage and improve flexibility. Lord knows I love flexibility.

Iron | 75mg 5x a month

I am a meat loving bitch in a few ways – iron has never been an issue for me though anemia is very common within my family. I take these to minimize the clotting I experience during my period. They are the BC placebo replacement for sugar pills, I used to discard them until I realized they assist me monthly.

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Appreciation Amor


 I make a conscious attempt to show appreciation whenever I feel it is due. I recognize the value in returning a favor, even when my return is non tangible. I hold appreciation high with love and trust. It’s the most overlooked characteristic in our day to day.

Time. Thought. Conversation. Effort. Energy. 

It’s in my nature to be heartfelt and sincere with everything I do. I gush appreciation, it’s forever been regular. I do it subconsciously. I look at it as extending my positive energy to another being, I am grateful I have even seconds of positivity to share. I know how reassuring it can make one feel, even if only for a second.

I also know how empty it can feel to go without.

I appreciate everything I do for others & that I for myself. I appreciate my soul, my body and my drive. I appreciate my successes & my accomplishments right alongside my mistakes and failures.

Genuine personal relationships are nothing I take for granted. I continue to nourish every relationship I carry, regardless of the type. I cannot let someone in my life feel as if their efforts are not acknowledged and celebrated. I would scream their worthiness from Everest just to let them know it’s real like that. The beauty lies in the mutualistic nature of a loving relationship.

A short tidbit on a mantra I live by. Hopefully a touch contagious. There’s a thousand ways to show appreciation, different forms are unique to you and I. I forever encourage exercising appreciation healthily, run to it.

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