******’s mine.


Though I know the solstice hasn’t hit, heat is always time for trouble. Summer is everything to me, it’s my absolute favorite time of year. I am the summer baby, baby. Don’t let my September birth throw you off. This is my last run as a babygirl, my last three months before I turn twenty-one. I feel in my heart 21 is a large age for me. I’m preparing myself for the shit I’m about to get into.

My summer?

Money. Glam. Lust. 

Point blank.

I’m self-employed on my own schedule, I have a thorough break from college life. For now, my time is unlimited, I want to focus on the last of me I need to get done. I’ve been so work focused, with no time to play. Silly girl. Luckily, the sunshine will parade & play along with me this time around. I have a chance to breathe and let my wild side free.

I’ve been focusing so very much on my education, my careers, my mindset, my mental confidence. I’m proud of how much I’ve learned about myself on my own. After taking my leap of faith and reaping the successes & difficulties, that chapter has been started. I’m ready for the vain segment of my glow up.

Grinding is fruitful, but it’s also consuming. In a few ways, I’ve been neglecting tangible things that make me happy. My hair has been wild, my clothes are starting to bore me, when’s the last time I bought some stilettos? Pitiful. I haven’t treated myself in a while, really in any capacity. That’s most definitely over now. Whatever I desire, I will indulge in. I’m worth everything I want, plus more.

I have visions of myself at my physical best, my grown & sexy with my hilarity and my charm. I have new taste I’d love to adhere to. I’m ready to polish littlems.vvs so she can shine bright before she go flawless. Summer is prime time for my act outs. Plus, on the new shit I’m on? Bitch, please. Be ready.

It’s literal thirst trap season. Recognize my game & stay on them toes lil bae.

Mood: Killing You Hoes – Trina

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