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5’9. 116 pounds. Size 2. 

Every area of skin I possess is rich with love. I embrace every inch I am blessed enough to be responsible for.

I had such an issue being thin, a large number of those reasons were external. My negative thoughts were not organic, my insecurities did not stem from my household. I didn’t feel as if my body type was welcomed by my culture, something that tore at me constantly.

Culturally, we favor obviously ‘womanly’ assets. The sterotypical African American ‘default preference’ is ample and voluptuous. Our music will tell you, our art will tell you, our trends will tell you.

Teasing & bullying became painful when it was further implemented by my elders. Repeated negative commentary can start to callous into ‘fact’. I was too constantly assured my ‘boyish’ and boxy figure was permanently off putting. I most definitely started to internalize that fact at such a young age – so incorrectly labeling myself as unwanted there foreword.

It stopped bothering me years ago. I enjoy my figure and I enjoy my metabolism. I love my freedom, I couldn’t give a fuck about minuscule tie ups in the mirror.

I don’t have large breasts or a large ass. I don’t have a nipped waist or prominent hips. I’m tall, I’m lanky, I’m bowlegged. I cannot hold weight for shit. I’m double jointed with a swayback. I’m beautiful, comfortable and sexy, without doubt.

I was always skinny, even when my thighs and hips started to make an appearance in highschool, I remained a size 0/1. I have been hovering between a size two & size 4 since I was 17. I don’t pick or nudge at my body for now trivial reasons. I take my imperfections in stride – no alterations needed.

everyone struggles with their physical confidence, alongside different situations snd pressures. i refrain from issuing unsolicited comments about others’ as to respect their relationship with their bodies. my relationship with my physique, mentally and physically, is unique to my life & experience. I love myself thorough and thorough.

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  1. D April 5, 2016

    your confidence is incredibly inspiring. don’t ever stop telling your story. this was a beautiful read. congrats on your new blog again 🙂

    • admin April 5, 2016

      thank you love, i won’t. i very much appreciate the words of encouragement ❤️

  2. AC May 1, 2016

    Wow, I’ve always gone through the same thing. Like, I was never the one to think that my body was “different” but my “friends” sure did. The skinny jokes/insults were annoying as hell but I soon got over it. Well, not soon but years later I did. And it’s weird because the same people who would put me down, started to complain to me about their bodies, which was ironic. You’re such a beautiful person, inside and out, and I respect that you took some time to write this. Thanks.

    • lauren May 2, 2016

      it becomes very ironic, i agree! i’m glad to hear we relate, though not on the best experience. thank you, angel. <3

  3. Ash May 13, 2016

    Thank you for this. I’ve been through this my whole life. I remember when they called me “string bean” in middle school, saying I needed to eat. Which didn’t make sense because I eat all the time. It definitely bothered me. Since then i’ve learned to love my body but it’s nice to know I wasn’t the only one.

    • lauren June 7, 2016

      you’re so welcome. never alone my move 🙂


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