#The Calvington Initiative

You like what you like, you do what you do, you live how you live.

Have you ever asked yourself WHY?

Why do we, as a people*:

  • Maintain selfish mindsets (Me&Mines’)
  • Believe and spread respectability politics
  • Come from broken/unsafe homes
  • Ignore or belittle abuse
  • Ignore or belittle mental illness
  • Disregard & even mock drug abuse and trauma
  • “Shrug off” ignorant violence
  • Hate the color of our skin
  • Hate the way we look
  • View non-black women & men as any type of superior
  • Focus on non-black people & their opinions of us
  • Focus heavily on others problems instead of own
  • Allow non-blacks to exploit our culture and values
  • View white acceptance as desirable
  • Rely blindly on religious texts
  • Listen to derogatory music
  • View hood males as a negative
  • Believe in false good nigga vs thug nigga themes
  • Think of entertainment or athleticism as our only or ideal way to success
  • Focus on materialistic items instead of wealth building
  • Undervalue the effect & power of the African American dollar
  • Hesitate to support one another
  • View another’s success as an insult
  • Disrespect and breakdown our women
  • Dispose of monogamy
  • Disvalue the black family
  • View marriage negatively
  • Undervalue our power


Our disenfranchisement is incredibly purposeful. We’ve been conditioned to no faults of your own, but we must maintain accountability. Tainted traditions have followed us through generations and the narrative is still being pushed.

We were taught what to think, not how to think. Our actions follow. Reject ideologies fed to you only to keep you in the dark. The most proficient, most immoral attack on a people is a controlled mind.

Our intraculture system must change. We can be that very change.

  • Peep what’s at hand. Pay attention.
  • Wonder.
  • Read.
  • Ask.
  • Gain your independence.
  • Develop your own mindset.
  • Take accountability. Apologize.
  • Be open to knowledge.
  • Encourage our prosperity.
  • Nurture your community, a better you is then, a better us.

We need to identify issues and improve to break the cycle. Re-read each bullet and ask yourself again, why?

I urge you to start the change by self educate on African American social issues. Read and research on your own. Do not do so blindly, interpret all text on a serious, skeptical level. As new adults, we have room to learn, grow, educate and flourish. We have to protect our threatened welfare as best as we can. A better you, a better me, for a better us.

First, you must wonder. It starts with you. Change for your better. Change for our better.

– @yasgawd blog.yasgawd.com

graphic by Brittney H.

Blogger 4th Wall
since this was cross posted to tumblr, I told ya ass to go read and go “wake up” not become some ignorant radical hotep or black panther shit.

Everything has its issues (so far 😉), watch what you’re reading!’

Song of the day: First of the Month – Bone Thugs & Harmony


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