Third Seventh



Today is my half birthday – I’m Twenty and six months today. Half birthdays hold weight for me, they signify a mid way point for each age. A moment to reflect on the experiences that have came with a new number badge, and a reminder to redeem that age. Twenty has been my favorite age. I am in a moment in my life where

I am processing past events while grooming myself for new experiences. I had absolutely no desire to turn twenty. There was so much comfort in my teens, even my pseudo adult years out of minority were loving. Twenty has bit me in the ass a few times, but has taught me plenty more. If I had to name my ages, I would label twenty as clarity.

Growing older is my favorite blessing. As I inch closer to 21, I quickly wonder what the world will have for me then, before the realities and curiosity of now bring me back to comfort.

Time is growth. I am definitely blossoming, and I have only just begun.

Mood: Ain’t Ready – Tinashe

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